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Client/Server and Mainframe Systems Used in Telecommunication Systems

Network Architecture

Network architecture is a complete framework of computer network or a design of a communication network which require some components of software and hardware to establish communication between two IP’s or it can be between two parties. Hardware components can be wired cables if we using short-range communication wheresas routers and modems for wide-range communication, physical topologies or network layout. In additional software components are logical topologies and some protocol that contribute to make a network architecture. If we talk about network architecture in telecommunication then it also specify the description of the product and service that an organization going to serve to his client or users via communication network. As well as the billing structure if user is purchasing the product or service that comes under service is compensated. Network architecture not only maintain the knowledge of hardware and software while it also translate the technological requirement into solution to give benefit to any business. A network architecture is designed by network manager and coordinate by network engineers. It provide detail overview of a network that classify each network layer in steps by performing every function of each layer in a single network architecture. So we need to develop application to understand the overview of a network and its framework.

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Client/Server used in Telecommunication

Client-server is one the distributed communication model of the network architecture that processes among service requestors, clients and service providers. The model is established through a network or the internet. A server is behave like a manger on the server side who manage most processes and store data. Mainly server manage or respond back the client request data and relay process output back to the client. Client is a user that request to server according to his requirement and sometimes handle processing, but for that also require data resource for completion. In telecommunication client-server computing splits a computer application into three main task. Theses task consist components that perform that task they are client computer, a server computer and a network that connect client and server. Now the client/server technology touches just about every part of the computer market and mainly system management. There are many client/server model that provide solution for today’s business needs, with prominence on the telecommunication industry.

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Client-Server Communication

Mainframe systems used in Telecommunication

Mainframe systems perform main role in telecommunication to process large amount of computing data and capable of supporting hundreds of user simultaneously. Mainframe systems are mainly by to handle high volume, large business and for scientific purpose. These systems won’t be found in the household that’s why they are known as most powerful computers in the world. A mainframe computer usually execute many programs at the same time and at very high speed.

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