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Few materials having homogeneous property, although they are combination of substances. Such as green plants having mixture of different pigments. When black ink pens are used in experiment then it shows different colored materials. As for example, we can separate these materials by dissolving in suitable liquid and allow the to move by an absorbant matrix, e.g paper. It is a process, by which is used by scientist for separating organic and inorganic compound for analyzation and researching.

Functions: In all type off chromatography, two phases mobile and stationary are worked. Stationary phase is static phase and mobile phase is that phase which moves through stationary phase and takes the compound to be experimented. And it is continues to travel by stationary phase. At some other points the stationary phase different components of compound are going to be absorbed and stop moving with mobile phase, by these processes all chromatography results are shown.

Classification Of Chromatography: It is divided in two parts

Liquid chromatography: again it divide into two group 1) Liquid-Liquid chromatography, it is carried out by partition chromatography. 2) Liquid-Solid chromatography, ion exchange, and paper chromatography.

Gas chromatography It is also divided into two parts first one is Gas-solid chromatography technique, and second one is Gas-Liquid Chromatography technique. It totally differs from other types, mobile phase is gas and the components are separated as vapours. The separation is due to partitioning of the sample between gas and thin layer of non-volatile liquid which held on a solid base. Its having collections of six parts: carrier gas supply in high pressure cylinder with attendant pressure regulators and flow meter, sample injection system, det ion exclusion, ector, separation column, Separate thermostated compartments for columns and detectors, Recorder.


1. Liquid chromatography is used to test water sample to look for pollution because used to analyze metal ions and organic compounds in solution. Liquids which used may be hydrophilic, insoluble molecule.

2. Gas Chromatography is mainly used in detecting bomb at airport, identifying drugs like alcohol, by using volatile gases like helium is used to move gaseous mixture through a column of absorbing materials.

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