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Chemical reactivity is the tendency of a substance to undergo chemical changes in a system. It refers to the ease with which a chemical compound tends to react when it comes into contact with other compounds. An element or a compound will be said to have high reactivity if it reacts fast when it interact with another substance. Reactivity can be influenced by several internal and external factors. Some of these factors include temperature, pressure, surface area, amount of the substance and catalysts. Most substances react faster in high temperatures. Reactivity of chemicals has very many applications in the world today. In medicine, elements are combined under controlled environment to form compounds that are used for treatment of diseases.

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Types of Chemical Reactions:

Chemical reactivity Assignment Help
  1. Neutralization: Acid(H) + Base(OH) -> salt + H(OH)

  2. Combustion: AB + oxygen -> CO2 + H2O

  3. Synthesis: A + B -> AB

  4. Decomposition: AB -> A + B

  5. Single displacement: A + BC -> AC + B

  6. Double displacement: AB + CD -> AD + CB

A Balanced Chemical Equation:

Same numbers of each type of atom on each side of the equation:

Al + S -> Al2S3 Not Balanced

2Al + 3S -> Al2S3 Balanced

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