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Introduction to Chemical energetic:

Chemical energetic is the study of chemical changes caused by energy. Chemical energetic discusses both thermal dynamics and kinetics or reactions. Thermodynamics discusses changes based on amounts of energy and Chemical Kinetics. A good example to illustrate the two factors is the existence of diamond and graphite. At room temperature and pressure, thermal dynamics indicates that the stable form of carbon is graphite. From a thermal dynamic point of view, the diamond should convert to graphite. But the reaction rate is so slow that there is no detectable change.

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Given a system which is not stable from thermal dynamic point of view, but the rate of reaction is slow.


Glass is a Meta stable state compared to crystalline state. An arrangement of molecules or groups of atoms in glass does not have a long range order. The state is often referred to as frozen solid. The polymers are in glassy states when cooled, because the molecules do not have time to align themselves properly into crystalline states. The polymers will become more crystalline and brittle for a long period of time,.

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Chemical Energetic Assignment Help

Why do we need to study Chemical Energetic?

  1. It can lead to better understand a chemical changes.

  2. It tells us about the energy barrier that reactants have to overcome before becoming products.

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