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It is defined as, An outline of enterprise which gives a general understanding of a firm and a used to align strategic objective calculated demands. It is define the designing and superintending of art and sciences. General aspects of business architectures is representing business step by step. It must be able to show their organizations prior or outdated business.

Uses of business architectures

  1. Establish a perspective on a firms competitive differentiators, and completely understand that what is the situation or what is the actions.
  2. For delivering its value propositions, necessary to understand key value stream.
  3. Give a way to understand effective way implement strategies by explained approaches, processes and firms big frameworks.
  4. For comprehensive business decisions take better information.
  5. Solving the problem of complicated and complex organizations business problems.
  6. Explain in details of all business requirements, and for use of input for business and it solutions.

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Steps of Business architectures:

1. Business framework: In this step all business definition and models can be mapped.

a) Presents business definitions compel to how single firms unit do and what they do

b) It may be possible that variations found in firms.

c) How work is done is not completely describe by formal policy and procedures.

d) Often gaps is created between business processes.

2. Business Process Management: : In this step, we represents business processes, which is manageable by business analysts, which is understandable to business managers and easily executable by business developers.

a)Explained internal best practices for business process model to confirm that business processes development.

b) Inventory, register, publication of existing business are presented by development models.

c) Making a business architecture base as a part of organizations architecture base.

d) Any business processes models must be shows as models end-to-end task sequence.


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