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Chemistry Homework Help With Bronsted Lowry Concept

Bronsted Lowry Concept

Acid is a substance which is capable of donating a proton while base is a substance which is capable of accepting a proton. This is also called protonic theory of acids-bases.

HCl H2O ® H3O+ + Cl–

acid base conjugate acid conjugate base

H2O + NH3 ® bronsted LowryChemistry Assignment Help Order Now + OH–

acid base conjugate acid conjugate base

conjugate base of an acid is a species formed by the loss of a proton from acid.

Acid ® H+ + conjugated base

Similarly conjugate acid is formed from a base by gain of H+.

Base + H+ ® conjugated acid

Weak acid has a strong conjugate base and vice-versa.

A Bronsted - Lowry acid base reaction always proceeds in the direction from the stronger to the weaker acid base combination. e.g.

HI + H2O + I–

Strong Strong Weak Weak

acid base acid base

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