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It is tool with design driven for modeling applications. Borland Together is leverages with some features like UML 2.0, OCL, quality assurance audits. It is also support architects like java, C#, C++ developers because it have visual modeling platform. It is helpful to companies to managing complexity of software world through communicating their ideas, utilize efficiency of automation etc.

Advantages of Together:

  • It leverage with UML, BPMN, and ER modeling activities through generating java, BPEL, SQL, C#, C++ etc.
  • With reverse-engineering Java, C#, C++, etc. you can direct jump-start modeling activity in together platform.
  • Improvement of quality and increase productivity by automating design and code reviews etc. with audits.
  • Improvement in communication with customized and template-based document creation, which can fulfill with all function helpful for all models types.
  • You can integrated with modeling and design activities with other tools like ALM.

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Together Capabilities:

  • DSL Development: In this category diagram definition, modeling of domain, and all type of DSL project comes.
  • Transformation in model-to-model: In this category operational mapping language and operational QTV debugging are comes.
  • Transformation in model-to-text: Exploring, authoring, and legacy of templates are defined.
  • Workflow of model: define work and execution of workflow.
  • Modeling tools: In this category hyperlinks and requirement traces is come it means early access and also model refractory.
  • UML modeling: It consists UML 2v and UML 2 model development is done.
  • And reporting: it explain definition and report definition
Borland Together

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