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It deals with different type of molecules and define their structures and functions of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. It defines composition about nucleic acids, and defines DNA and RNA, explain enzymes actions and their characteristics. Here we explain some of them.

Carbohydrates : Its play vital roles in our daily life, having wide range of naturally occurring organic compounds. This is produced by plants by photosynthesis processes. Very common carbohydrates are - Glucose, Fructose, sucrose, starch, cellulose etc. and it is chemically divide in three types : a)Polyhydroxy, b)aldehyde and c) ketone.

Proteins : It is most abundant group of macromolecules in living cells, having high molecular mass complex amino acids. Proteins are divided into two parts- a) Simple proteins e.g Fibrous and Globular .b) Conjugated proteins e.g Nucleoprotein, Mucoproteins and glycoproteins, Chromoproteins, Lipoproteins etc.

Lipids : It is associated with large group of different biomolecules. It is constitute the cell which is insoluble into the water and soluble to the low polarity organic solvents. Lipids are divided into these groups of lipids: Simple, Compound, and Derived.

Nucleic Acids : In living cells, nucleus contain particles which is responsible for heredity and that particle is called chromosome which is composed of nucleic acids. It is of two types a) DNA, b) RNA, these are differ from each other by their compositions and functions.

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