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Binary Ideal Solution

A solution for which D H = 0 and DV = 0, is known as ideal solution for example

Such systems are called nearly ideal or ideal solutions.

Such solutions obey Raoult’s law and comply to the equation Ps = Chemistry Homework Help.

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To comply to this condition for ideality the two liquids A and B should fulfill the under mentioned conditions

1. The attractive forces between the particles A and B (i.e. A–B interactions) should be equal to the attractive forces between A and A (i.e. A–A interaction) and between B and B (i.e. B–B interaction)

2. Such an interaction can be equal if the structure and polarity are almost same. e.g. CH3–OH and C2H5–OH. In such solutions

(1) DVmix = 0 (2) DSmix > 0 (3) DHmix = 0.

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