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Atmosphere Assignment Help

Introduction to Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a layer of gases surrounding a planet or other material body of sufficient mass that help on the gravity of the body. The atmosphere is a mixture of nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21 %) and other gases (15 %) that is surrounded earth. It is more likely to be retained if the gravity is high and the atmospheric temperature is low.

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The atmosphere is divided into four layers, as follows:

Atmosphere Assignment Help

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  1. Troposphere:

    Troposphere is the layer of atmosphere which is closest to the Earths surface, extending up to about 10- 15 km above the earth surface. It contains 75% of the atmosphere's mass. It is wider at the equator than at the poles. It is the place where all weather take place. If we moves higher then troposphere then the temperature and pressure drops.

  2. Stratosphere:

    Stratosphere lies directly above the troposphere and is about 35 km deep. It extends the layer from about 15 to 50 km above the Earths surface.

  3. Mesosphere:

    Above the stratosphere, it extending from 50 to 80 km above the earths surface. It is cold layer where the temperature decreases with increasing altitude.

  4. Ionosphere

    It is also called thermosphere and it is extends from 80 km above the earths surface to outer space.

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