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ArrayList : Creating Type-Safe, Performant, Reusable Data Structures

A flexible data structure design is where the data structure maintains an internal array of object instances. Because all types in the .NET Frame are derived from the goal identify, the data structure could keep any type.

The ArrayList maintains an internal object array and provides automatic resizing of the array as the number of elements added to the ArrayList grows. Because the ArrayList uses an object array, developers can add any type-strings, integers, FileInfo objects, Form instances, anything.

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The Array: Linear, Direct Access, Homogeneous Data Structure

Arrays are one of the simplest and most widely used data structures in computer programs. Arrays in any programming language all get a few joint properties:

  • The contents of an array are stored in contiguous memory.
  • All of the elements of an array must be of the equal type or of a derived type; thus arrays are referred to as homogeneous data structures.
  • Array elements can be straight accessed. With arrays if you know you want to access the ith element, you can simply use one line of code: arrayName[i].

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