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Introduction to Applied Mathematics:

Information Technology Assignment Help Order NowApplied mathematics is a branch of mathematics which concerns the application of mathematics in a wide range of disciplines in various areas such as science, technology, business and commerce. Applied mathematicians are engaged in the creation, study and application of advanced mathematical methods relevant to specific problems. It focuses on the formulation and study of mathematical models. Applied mathematics has assumed a much broader meaning and embraces such diverse fields as communication theory, theory of optimisation, theory of games and numerical analysis. The activity of applied mathematics is vitally connected with research in pure mathematics.

Application area for the Applied Mathematics:

  • Mathematical biology (ecology, biochemistry, neuroscience)
  • Nonlinear waves and coherent structures (water waves, lasers, nonlinear optics)
  • Climate modelling (atmospheric dynamics, global warming)
  • Modern mathematical methods (inverse problems, numerical analysis, optimization).

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