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It performs work on the interface, through many processes like source code interface which is used for library of the system, and also provides services to program. It is useful to organizational view it could be beneficial for big user investment and their requirements. When it implemented then it very difficult to change the system in the case of maximum user. It consists many commands, functions which is used in making software.

Characteristics of Application programming:

  • You can easily learn.
  • Documentation not required
  • Never be misuse.
  • You can easily read and maintain that code which is in use.
  • Extension is very easy.
  • It can fulfill your requirements.

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Designing of API:

  • It is designed for supporting single or multiple languages.
  • Collect all requirements, but remember don’t collect solutions, refine true requirements and also gather specific scenarios for using it.
  • Make small specification.

Divided into two layers:

Database layer: It gives data by encapsulation with database designing. And it also give standard interface to the application layer. It helps database performing all operations. It contains some classes which play important role:

  • IWDb: It is helpful in connecting database.
  • IWCon: It is helpful in making setup connection to the database.
  • IWStatement: In this class all queries which pertaining to the application layer such as update, delete, insert commands etc.
  • IWResult: After all execution this class gives output to the application layer.

Application Layer: It is very important layer on which all operations performs all types of source, word and domain etc. It is also contain some classes:

  • IWsynset: It represents Synset.
  • IWAPIClass: In this class initialization of library starts, and also maintain some tables and connectivity to database.
  • IWSynsetCollection: It gather all synsets.
  • IWWord: Word represent.
Application Programming Assignment Help

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