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It is a term, which is define by two common elements: first one is highest level of breakdown of system into small parts, and second one is, final decision which is hardly change. Main aim of application architecture is, to define the firm of two general models of business system: a) batch processing, and b) transaction processing. It is also used in describing the conceptual architecture of management resources and structure of language processing system.

General application

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  1. This system are designed to meet company requirements.
  2. In any business, their application system have common architecture which reflects the application needs.
  3. Any general architecture is construct and take to create a system which fulfill our needs.

Use of application architecture:

  1. At initial point for architectural designing and graphics and design checklists.
  2. As a way of company the work of development team.
  3. Reuse of assessing components.
  4. Vocabulary for talking about application types.

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Types of application architectures:

Data processing application: It is use for data driven applications, which is process data in batch in the absence of exact user interference during processing. Such as: 1. Billing system, 2) Payroll system.

Transaction processing application: It is a data centered operations in which process user request to update all information in database. Such as: 1) E-commerce system, 2) Transaction system.

Event processing system : It is the application where every action depends on interpreting events from the events of the system. Such as: 1) Word Processing, 2) real time system.

In Language processing system : in this application intentions of users is specified in a formal language, which is interpreted and processed by the system. Such as: 1) Compilers, 2) Command Interpreters.


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