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Computer, we can define or we can say that it is an electronic device which work like human brain and called programmable devices. The main goal of this technology is, studying about structures of digital computers, digits, logics and symbols etc.

Here two important characteristics are

  • Its reply only in systematic manner to specific set of data.
  • In case of preorder list of program, it gives response properly.

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Components of digital computers:

  1. Input Unit
  2. Central Processing unit
  3. Output Unit

Input Unit: In this unit devices are connected externally to entering data into the computer. It is medium for making connection between user and interface. It transfer data, which is made by human being and make them understandable form for computers. Examples of input devices: Keyboard, mouse, scanner, card reader, OMR and OCR etc.

Central Processing Unit: It consist of three main parts

  • Memory
  • Arithmetic and logical unit
  • Control Unit

Memory: It is term, which is used in data storage, and also stored important information of data for future use and also transfer to another device when needed. We can say that it is primary type of storage or internal memory. Internal memory is executed through two types of memory technology

  • RAM (Random-access-memory): It gives direct information on requirement.
  • ROM (Read-only-memory): By the name, it can read only not write, which means CPU can read from storage but cannot write.

Arithmetic and logical unit: Arithmetic means process like addition, subtraction, multiplication & division and all these operation is done by Arithmetic unit. It solves any type of complex arithmetic operation. And in Logical part, all type of logical operations like comparing, selecting, etc. It have few storage for an example registers, and which are basically made-up of electronic circuits. Which having capacity to perform operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication etc.

Control Unit: It defines by controlling all operation of all parts of computer. It takes information from memory and determines where is to be taken. It gives result in the output form in memory section.

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