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Addition Of Water

Water adds to alkyne when alkyne is treated with 40% H2SO4 containing 1% HgSO4 (as a catalyst) to form a carbonyl compound. The addition of water follows. Markownikoff’s rule forming enol as intermediate, which tautomerizes to give a more stable carbonyl compound. For example, acetylene gas when passed through dil. H2SO4 containing HgSO4 initially forms vinyl alcohol, which tautomerizes to acetaldehyde.

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The reaction is believed to take place via the formation of a three membered ring involving H2O ion.

alkynes Water

Acetylene is the only alkyne forming an aldehyde in this reaction. Higher homologues of acetylene either form a single ketone or a mixture of ketones. For example, 2-pentyne gives a mixture of 2-pentanone and 3-pentanone.

alkynes Water

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