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Main goal of this designing

  • Shows the differences between client-side and server-side script technologies.
  • Make connection between web pages and database.
  • Web pages are formatting by the use of css
  • Dynamic HTML benefits are shown by this designing.
  • Explain Web page application and framework.
  • How to develop Web Pages for PDAs and other smart clients is briefly.

Server-Side and client-Side Languages:

It requires some basic programming concepts like essential terminology not more knowledge. Like programming statements such as “if/then”, “if/then/else”, “do while”, “do until”, “break”.

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Server-Side Languages: In this system all codes are executed by Web server due to pre-installed and activated interpreters. Server-Side scripts are used for several uses such as browser identification, connection of database, detection and creation of cookies, logon scripts, hit counters, downloading and uploading of files.

Here is basic example of server side languages: PHP called hypertext preprocessor preprocessor in which interpreter is pre-installed by server and execute program and create dynamic web pages, which is embedded in HTML pages.

Client-Side Languages: JavaScript is client side languages which is object oriented scripting language. It is interactive to web pages and also it can used server javaScript, and other side means client-side it could identify browsers, make cookies, and make mouse rollovers. Javascript is platform independent, not affected by vendor and simple as comparable to others.

Advanced Web Design Assignment Help

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