Reasons of development:

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Many reason to develop advanced type of web development techniques such as:

  • It is able to make differentiate between client side and server-side scripting technology.
  • It is able to connect database to web pages.
  • It will use CSS to apply designing to web pages.
  • It defines benefits of dynamic HTML.
  • It is helpful to identify function of the document object Model and its relationship with browsers.
  • It will be able in comparing between service provider and hosting with website.

Server-side and Client-side languages:

Both are play important role in making advanced web site application. For these in programming concept you have to remember some essential terms and statement nothing else. Such as “if/then”, “do while”, “do until”.

Server-Side Language:

In this language and programming, web server will executed codes instead of browser, due to pre- installed interpreter on web server. It shows various useful things such as browser identification, connection of database, detection and development of cookies, scripts logon, download and upload of file. Some examples of server-side languages are PHP, VBscrpts etc.

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PHP: It is an interpreter type language which is used to develop web pages. Embedded with HTML page but it will run through server. Here some codes are shown below:

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Client-side Language:

In this languages some issues arise such as Javascript is not supported by every client and also user can deactivate execution of scripting in browser.

JavaScript: It is object oriented, and includes interactivity with web pages. It can be also used by server side. But in client side it can use to identify browsers, development of cookie, and make mouse rollovers. Some advantages of javascript like it is plat-form independent, neutral to vendor, and simple in comparision to others. JavaScript is written within HTML codes and documents with using tags script. In browser identification it is very helpful: it presents various version of of a sit to various browser, give information to users in corporate network for update their browsers. Cookies will stored in hard drive and it may be used to password storage, user preferences, and web page display.

Connection With Database:

It is connected through web server and recognize each other by ODBC and PHP scripting. And give permission to database for read and write operations. Must have SQL scripts. ODBC depends on CLI known as call level interface which is developed by open consortium. ODBC explains programming application interface and SQL features.

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