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It is the field where briefly described software designing pattern for information visualization and their application. Main software patterns for advanced designing and rapid visualization are:

  • Object oriented models are described into relational database tables and it is used in several visualization techniques.
  • Use script based techniques for the configuration of visualization application.
  • And the third one is detect the problem which occur in performing online changes on the during visual mapping through raising exquisite mapping operators with scripting.

Visualizations is the result of innovative mind and also we can say that it is a scientific research field which is explained with the help of using computer aided techniques for graphically or visually representing maximum amount of data. And the benefit of this technique is that each and every person can understand easily and also interesting pictorial representation.

Visualization technique is processing by following stages:

Data Acquisition: It is the first stage where we have to decide data source and which must be loaded. It may be in special formats like database and also data analysis must be done.

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Filtering: It is second stage and done by user. It means user can decide or select the parts of data to be visualized.

Mapping: It is third stage of visualization in which must be done mapping of data on the basis of geometric primitives like points and shapes, and attributes also, and after this data should be in geometric data shapes.

Rendering: It is last and final stage, where give the pipeline to change the geometric data into resulting images and it is called visualization output.

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