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Since the colligative properties of solutions, viz. lowering of vapour pressure, elevation in boiling point, depression in freezing point and osmotic pressure, depends solely on the number of solute particles present in solution and not on their nature. Colligative properties of the solutes which undergo dissociation (electrolytes) in solution would be higher than expected for the normal substances (non-electrolytes).

Van’t Hoff Factor, i

To account for the above anomalies, Van’t Hoff introduced a factor ‘i’ in the Van’t Hoff equation
(p V = RT) of osmotic pressure. The modified equation may thus be written as pV = iRT

The factor ‘i’ was defined by the expression

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abnormal behaviour of solutions

Because colligative properties directly µ n

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abnormal behaviour of solution

As we know, colligative properties µ Assignment Help

Hence ‘i ' can also be defined as

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When the Van’t Hoff factor is included then the colligative properties get modified as follows:

(a) Relative Lowering in Vapour Pressure

Chemistry Homework Help = i ´ Xsolute

Where i = van’t Hoff factor

(b) Elevation in Boiling point

DTb = iKb m

(c) Depression in Freezing Point

DTf = iKf m.

(d) Osmotic Pressure

p = i CRT

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