Wireless Communication and Types of Devices Assignment Help

Wireless Communication and Types of Devices: GPS, PDA, Cellular & Satellite

Wireless communication is one of the biggest evolution technology today and also from last many years. Now the question is what exactly wireless communication can do? Transmission of information over a distance without the help of wires, cables, or any other form of electrical conductor that connect two poles not be used in this technology. It can transmit information from the distance of few meters or mile away.

Advantages of Wireless Communication

By using wireless devices we can enhance communication to convey the information quickly to the consumers. This is also productive for the working professionals can work and access internet anywhere and anytime without carrying the pluggable wires, can complete their works anytime and everywhere. This technology is cheaper to install and maintain also because using wireless technology it is easy to setup a network as compared to wired network. Durability of such network is high but possible to suffer from radio interference from the other devices. It is also helpful for doctors, workers to be in touch with their centers not physically present over there.

Types of Wireless Devices

There are some of the devices for wireless communication like cordless telephones, mobiles, GPS units, wireless computer parts and satellite television. Now we are going to discuss some of them in detail.


GPS is Global Positioning System which is a navigation satellite is basically used to determine the ground position of an object. This technology was first used by US military in the 1960s. It is later available for civilian use also. Basically GPS system consist of 24 satellites which is 12,000 miles away from the earth’s surface. This wireless device provide users an accurate information in all weathers condition wither it is object position, velocity or time anywhere in the world. The satellites transmit signals at very low power radio signals by allowing any one with a GPS receiver to determine the object position on earth. The design of GPS is followed by military application.

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PDA stands for Personal digital assistants (PDAs) are small computers that user can hold then in his hands and they are using touch-screen technology. It use a light pen or stylus as an input device or a detachable keyboard or a voice recorder as compared to traditional keyboard. They are versatile information processing appliances which are mainly used for personal information managers to record telephone numbers and some other personal information of any person. PDAs are also used for synchronize with microcomputers which is mainly used to transfer email, text-document, spreadsheets, and so on. This is using wireless technology and provide great mobility to its users and also allow companies to provide PDA to their employees when laptops would be unworkable.


Satellite communication is widely spread and one of the self contained wireless technology that allow user to stay connected anywhere on earth. Now learn how it works when the signal is sent near to the satellite, then satellite amplifies the signal and sent it back to the receiver antenna which is located on the surface on the earth. Mainly satellite communication contain two main components they are space segment and ground segment. Ground segment is fixed which is receiver and space segment is itself a satellite.

Cellular Telephone

Cellular telephone is a type of short-wave which is varied as analog or digital telecommunication in which subscriber of the mobile phone is connected to nearby transmitter. Cellular telephone sometimes known by mobile telephone. Transmitters are located at a span of coverage which are known as cell. When a person’s mobile phone is out of coverage area or not reachable it means he is out of cell and move to another cell or can be at boundary of the cells. For the first time cellular telephone was commercially approved by FCC which is federal communication commission in 1983.