What is a Host Name? - Definition & Examples

Hostname Definition

In real world ,We can identify the people firstly by their unique names,same with the host name, which is a unique name or we can say a label name which is assigned to any device that is connected to any computer network. Assigned named to the devices are based on the naming system used. Sometimes it is also know by Hostname to Host name. A hostname may be alphabetic or alphanumeric name which can also include symbols which are used to identify the network connected device or node. A host name syntax and requirement vary and that depends on naming system is used.

Examples of host name

Some of the examples of host name that are fully qualified Domain Name with its hostname

  • pcsupport.about.com: pcsupport
  • www.google.com: www
  • images.google.com: images
  • products.office.com: products
  • www.microsoft.com: www