What is a Hyperlink? - Definition & Explanation


Hyperlink Definition

Hyperlink is nothing but the reference of data that can user view by clicking on it and hover it. It can be a single text or whole document a hyperlink. Or we can say it is an electronic document that link one place to another either in the same document or to the different one. To follow the link you need to click on the hyperlink, which is mainly of blue color underlined text. This is one the most essential ingredient of all hypertext systems and WWW.

Types of Links

Link are basically is of two types Inline and anchor. Inline link display remote content without the need to embed external content. Remote contents are the one those accessed with or without user selecting the link. Inline link may display the modified content rather some of the images, icons and graphics. Now we talk about anchor link is a hyperlink which link to a portion of document. It can also link an image.

Hyperlink in various technologies

Hyperlink in HTML

The tag used to make hyperlink in HTML is anchor tag which is denoted by <a> and required closing tag also like </a>. <a> is used to tell where the link should start and </a> denotes where the link ends, anything between both the tag behave like a link. Then the target link is added tag using like <a href=”https://www.assignmenthelp.net” > so here we specify the target and then add some text and close the anchor tag with </a> this

Hyperlink in XML

To link the XML documents XLink is used then the document behave like a link. By using XLink can link the outsides files. <xlink:href=”images/hyperlink-image.png”>