What is a Web Domain? - Definition & Explanation

Web Domain Definition

Presence of any website or web page over internet with the valid or unique name is a Web Domain. It is very difficult to remember the number of series which is IP address of any website so Domain name is substitute to IP address of any website or Web page. Lets take an example is IP of Assignment Help website whereas Domain name is assignmenhelp.net so which one is more easy to remember a number series or a name? Translation from an IP to domain name is done by Domain Name System(DNS). Every Domain name is divided into 3 levels Third-level Domain, Second-level Domain and Top-level Domain. Third-level is www. of www.assignmenthelp.net, second level is assignmenthelp and top-level is .net.

Purpose of Web Domain

The primary purpose having your own domain name is to run your business. A website with the good domain name is like presenting your services to customer over internet. Why we are focusing the term “over internet”? because it also has some of the advantages like a shop or a business for only working time, however your online website is available 24 hours for customer and brought your services that is required by customer to their desktop. So this is the huge potential to present your business over internet to your customers. Online website offer your customer each and every detail of your products with no inexpert sales people and no need for ill-informed.

Once you have a domain name it gave you many more advantages. To your website traffic bound to increase because search engines and directories prefer sites with their domain name this will also increase your website users/customers. Can use your domain name in your email address which looks more professional when user get mail from any website mail address.

How Web Domain Servers Work

As we know DNS as Domain Name System is a standard protocol that tell how computers exchange data over the internet and its primary focus is to convert the user domain name into IP address that computer use to identify each other on the network. In others words we can say it’s like your computer’s GPS for the internet. Network Devices over the internet use IP address to route user request which is same like dialing a phone number to a person you want to talk. So DNs is basically like a address book of all the IP addresses. Also known by DNS server or Name server whose function to manage massive database that map domain name to IP address.

When user wants to access a website or sending any resource or upload it, your computer uses a DNS server to look up the your request domain name that you are trying to access so this process is nothing but known by DNS name resolution. Then your request domain look up in the DNS server and resolve into IP address and search into main database and result is send back to your system.

How Web Domain Servers Work

Top level Domain

We already discussed little about Top level Domain by giving example now understand what exactly Top Level Domain is, Top level Domain is the last segment of any Domain name. TLS is the letter immediately after final dot in any domain name. A TLD associated with any website tell about the website purpose, the organization that owns it or the geographical area where it originates. Some of the TLD are .gov, .com, .net, .org, .mil, .edu