What is a Server? - Definition & Explanation

Server Definition

Server is the centrally located and most powerful computer system in the network whose primary functions are houses the server software, stores and manage common data and serve the data to the clients and provide shared services like access to internet, printing, faxing and so on. Server may serve data to the systems on the LAN or WAN network that depend from the where the request is come. Server is a device or computer which manage network resources. If we talk about server is software terms then it is a computer program that serve as the server component in a client-server architecture and provide some of the features like centralization, Does nothing until a request is received from client, Some of the continuous operations that are running always and ready to respond to client request, background operation that interact with the user program not to the user directly, simultaneous operation that respond to multiple user at the same time.

Types of server

Types of Severs

There are many types of server that perform different task and do not perform no other task besides the server task.

Proxy Server

Proxy server is the software system running on a computer that act like and intermediate between client endpoint device and other servers from which user is requesting for his request. A proxy server can be a different server/computer or may be a same machine using firewall which forward request through firewall. Some of the advantages of using proxies servers are: this server’s cache can serve all users, because most of the time user request for more than one internet sites so that should probably be handle by proxy server. This can also improve user response time when main server is already busy. Proxy server log its interactions with the user this would be helpful for troubleshooting.

Mail Server

As the name implies mail server act like a virtual post office and store all the mail that comes from local users and sends it out to the mentioned user’s mail. This server is based on client-server application model and use Simple mail transfer protocol(SMTP) to send and receive mail. We can say it with the another name which is mail transfer agent.

Web Server

A server that deliver content and service over the internet that is web server. It is also known by Internet server. This server is emphasis of a physical server, Server Operating system, and software used to establish http communication. Primary function of web server is to respond HTTP request to deliver the requested content and service by the client.

Servers work over Internet

Application Server

Application server is a server program in a computer which based on distributed network and providing the business logic to an application program. This server is viewed as a part of three-tier application emphasis of GUI, application server and a database server which is also known as transaction server. Application server provide support to web services and expose business logic services. These servers are heavy in terms of resource utilization.

Real-time communication server

Real-time Communication server is the mode of live telecommunication which done without any transmission delays. These are very instant with minimum latency. Real-Time Communication is abbreviated as RTC which is generally based on peer-to-peer network, rather than broadcasting transmission. Transmission is done in the following two ways Half Duplex and Full Duplex. In Half Duplex communication occur bidirectionally but not at the same time, one caller need to wait for another whereas Full Duplex Transmission are also bidirectional and continuous also.

FTP server

FTP server is one of the oldest internet service, By using FTP protocol it is possible to transfer file over internet securely between computers. FTP server emphasis of provide file security, organization of the files and the transfer control

Telnet Server

This server enable the user to log on to the host server simultaneously when he is already working on remote server.