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Visual Paradigm for UML

The Visual Paradigm is a tool for creating UML Diagrams. It support UML 2, SysML and Business Process Modeling Notation(BPMN) from the Object Management Group(OMG). It also provides report generation and code engineering capabilities including code generation. It can make reverse engineer diagrams from code, and provide round-trip engineering for various programming languages.

By the use of Visual Paradigm it is easy-to-use visual UML modeling and CASE tool. The cheaper and better way of cutting the edge development platform is provided to software developer by VP-UML. We provide Assignment Help for UML Diagram created by Visual Paradigm And Online tutorial for UML Diagrams and there Tools is also available on our site.

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Visual Paradigm supports the following UML diagrams:

  • Use case diagram
  • Class diagram
  • Sequence diagram
  • Communication diagram
  • Statechart Diagram
  • Use Case Slice Diagram
  • Activity diagram
  • Component diagram
  • Deployment diagram
  • Package diagram

Database modeling

With the help of Database Modeling we can draw the following:

  • ORM Diagram
  • Entity Relationship Diagram

Business process modeling

With the help of Business Process Modeling we can draw the following kinds of diagrams:

  • Business process diagram
  • Data flow diagram
  • Event-drive process chain diagram
  • Process map diagram
  • Organization Chart

The image given below shows the example of using Visual Paradigm tool for Class Diagram

Visual Paradigm

Object-Relational mapping

With the use of Object-Relational Mapping it enables us to access relational database in an object relational approach when coding. VP-UML generates object-relational mapping layer which incorporates many features like transaction support, pluggable cache layer, connection pool and customizable SQL statement.

Team collaboration

Team collaboration supports modeling concurrently and collaboratively with the help of following tools or technologies:

  • Subversion
  • Perforce
  • ClearCase
  • VP Teamwork Server
  • CVS
Visual Paradigm UML Assignment Help

Document generation

Document can be generated in the following formate:

  • HTML (report generation)
  • HTML (project publisher)
  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word

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