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6) Unpublished work : -

a) Papers, Theses and abstract : - The title of the document is presented in roman letter and quotation mark. The details may vary according to the nature of the document.

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  • Langdon, WB 1996, 'Data structures and genetic programming', PhD thesis, University College, London.
  • Bouchert-Bert, L 2002, 'When humans entered the northern forests: an archaeological and palaeoenvironmental perspective', MA dissertation, University of Calgary.

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b) Referring Manscript : - Sometimes it is difficult to provide the details of the manuscript, in such case be systematic

  • Adams, DE 1917, 'My journey to Khartoum', in possession of MA Adams, Adelaide.
  • Joyce, TA 1931, 'Report of the British Museum expedition to British Honduras, 1931', in possession of the Central Archives of the British Museum.

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