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Human face is an interesting topic in psychology. This topic equip knowledge on recognition of state of mind through the facial expression. Yes, generally communication is the best mean that help in interaction of two people and sharing or conveying the message. But on the other hand, face of person also reflects his thinking, mood and emotion on any subject matter.

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When we direct our mind for studying the facial expression of any individual, the first thing that strikes to us is the eyes. Have you noticed that even in the class you are asked to make eye contact while speaking? Why is it so? The very simple yet a logical approach to this is; when you talk with anyone making a proper eye contact, they can figure out your interest, your mood and your approach on the topic you are speaking about. Moreover, it reflects your confidence, but on the other hand; if you fail to make proper eye contact or if you blink your eyelid unnecessary while speaking; it reflects your nervousness or ambiguity towards the information that you are presenting.

This is just a general perception that can be noticed in our day to day life, but studying psychology can help you learn detail on human face that corresponds to their thinking and behavior. Hence, studying human face in psychology directly correlates with the condition of mind.

The Human Face Assignment HelpYour facial expression can be voluntary as well as involuntary. Voluntary facial expressions are the result of social condition around that individual whereas involuntary facial expression are the result inborn quality of an individual. Both these facial expression comes from different pathway of the brain. Voluntary expressions are track from the cortical route whereas involuntary expressions are track from the sub- tropical route.

In psychology as well, when human face is to be studied, the first thing that is taken into account is the eyes. Studying the eyes of any person helps to know that the person is gregarious or timid. The active left eye or if the left eye is properly opened and bright, denotes that the person is outgoing. On the other hand if the right eye is brighter and active than the left eye, the person turns out to be shy and reserved.

Similarly, other parts of the face coveys more ideas about different individual. Eyebrows and mouth in the face also helps to reflect the mental function of the brain. This means that right eyebrow signifies that the person is logical whereas active left eyebrow shows that the person is virtuous. Likewise, when left corner of the mouth looks active, it implies that the person observes the world by his sensation which is touch, smell and taste. On the other hand, when right corner of mouth is used more often than the left, it denotes the nonconcrete perception of the person.

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This is just an outline introduction of the topic. If you are a psychology students, you are very well aware that studying human face is an elaborated topic where every expression correlates with the functioning of brain. So, to learn this topic in descriptive way, remembering all the provided information; it is necessary to have practical experience and research. Take an example; if you are studying about human face, only theoretical knowledge can never help you to pursue a career in this field, rather theoretical knowledge along with practical experience can be a best platform to brush up your understanding.

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