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Social psychology definition

Every individual behaves and express their ideas and thoughts in different ways. The expression of ideas and their behavior is directly proportional to the environment at that period of time. This can be better explained with an example: Your friend may talk to you a lot when only two of you are left alone but if there is group of people around you guys, the way he/she behaves and response may change suddenly. Thus, social psychology is the branch of psychology that focuses on such issues and matters and hence addresses on the feeling, thinking and action of any individual in the context of society.

What is social psychology?

Social Psychology

Psychology is an important field in science that deals with the study of human behavior, on the other hand social psychology is the major branch of psychology that particularly addresses on the change in human behavior with respect to the society. We usually hear people telling that we can never read what is going in his/her mind. Yes, it is true to some extend but the person who have done major in psychology can clearly tell about the thinking and feeling of others by judging his action and reactions on different matters. Have you ever noticed that, when you are with your friends you behave differently than the time when you are with your family or relatives? Moreover, when you are kept in a room all alone, still your thinking and reaction are affected by the thoughts of someone which can either bring smile on your face or leave you in distress or anger. Hence, social psychologist studies about such behavior and if the thinking of any individual is affected, they put on effort to bring improvement in their overall personality and behavior.

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Social psychology is linked to many other field of science that includes: sociology, anthropology, personality psychology and many more. Though sociology and social psychology sounds quite similar but they deal with different aspect of human behavior. Sociology on one hand looks for the changes that place in society whereas social psychology looks for the changes that take place in any individual with respect to society. Suppose there are lots of people committing suicide due to mental stress in different societies, hence sociologist studies the reason of increasing suicidal case with obtained data’s whereas social psychologist focuses on individual and studies their thinking to locate the reason for suicidal feeling. Both these fields are connected but they have difference in some of the sections. Same is the case with other field of science, where Anthropology studies the beliefs and tradition of the society but social anthropology focus on the thinking of individual for different customs and beliefs. Likewise, personality psychologist centers an individual to study his behavior but it is limited to the internal study, whereas social psychology learns about the impact of people on thinking and behavior of any individual. This way, all these fields of science are co-related and each of these fields narrows down to specific topic providing descriptive and explanatory information.

Topics in social psychology

There are list of topics included under social psychology; some of the social psychology topics are: Aggression, self concept, social influence, attitude, pre-justice and attitude, social cognition and many more. Further, there are even the sub-links on each of these topics and the list extends to numerable subjects that are of major issues in present times. All these topics are linked to the effect on thinking of any individual with respect to the people around them.

Why to study social psychology

When you get up early morning and read a newspaper, you can find lined up news on different subject matters that have either harm the nation or the society. These subject matters include: discrimination, violence, criminal activity, harassment, suicide, disease and many more. In fact, the news channel you turn mostly signals these activities that are going around in the society or the nation. So, studying social psychology develop positive attitude in the individual and makes him/ her able to study the reason for such incidence and hence, bring improvement in thinking of the people. Beside this, presently we also get to hear about the students developing bad habit due to influence of people around them; hence social psychologist can help to bring improvement in such individual who can later be assets for the country. Therefore, social psychologist can join their hands to bring minor and major changes in the society and the nation.

Job in social psychology

Students willing to pursue social psychology can complete 4 years bachelor program in general psychology or they can directly go for social psychology. If they want to study further, they can join masters program in social psychology and go for doctorate degree. After obtaining particular degree, students can have a good job in several governmental and non-governmental organizations. They can work as Researchers, teacher, consultant, welfare organization, and marketing professional in different companies and institution. Hence, with increasing job opportunity more students pursuing social psychology are added to different colleges and universities.

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