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Short-Range Wireless Communication: Bluetooth, ZigBee & Infrared Transmission

In this page we are going to discuss some of the short range wireless communication technologies in which transmission signals travel along few cms to several meters. It provide limited coverage area, people in that coverage are can communicate with the person who is in same coverage area. If the second person to whom he wants to communicate is not in same coverage area then communication not take place between both the two.

Bluetooth Technology

This technology allow an electronic device to connect with a variety of different electronic devices with non-wired to transfer and sharing of data. For example a person wants to see a video but that video is not in his phone that is in his friend’s phone so rather using his friends phone to see that video his friend can share that video via Bluetooth technology. With the help of Bluetooth you can transmit information from one device to another. Bluetooth technology serve many functions which are commonly used in wireless communication market. This technology use radio waves to communicate between devices and that radio devices have a range of 15-20 feet. According to official declaration by the inventors of Bluetooth technology it uses a low-power signal to enable transmission of data with maximum 50 feet with sufficient speed. A person need to paired with the another Bluetooth device to transmit data or receive data, the other non-paired devices will not provide any interference between the paired two. This technology also use maximum power only when it is required by preserving battery life of the device.

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ZigBee technology is a wireless networking standard which aimed at remote control and sensor applications that is suitable for operation in radio environment for an isolated location. The technology build on IEEE 802.15.4 standard which going to define physical and MAC layer beside that it is also define the application and security layer which enables interoperability between products that has been manufactured from different manufacturers. Many applications growing rapidly for remote wireless sensing that make this technology a very attractive proposition for many other applications. The design of ZigBee is simpler and less expensive than other short-range personal and network technologies like Bluetooth. This technology is employed in the number of application like building automation systems, heating and cooling control and some of the medical devices. Implementation of ZigBee is required where little power to operate. Some of the advantages of this technology are this are designed for low-power consumption that is used for commercial applications like sensing and monitoring applications. This technology is used very low power and extremely long device battery life. It also provide flexibility to serve more reliable wireless performance and battery operation.

Infrared Transmission

Infrared transmission is a type of wireless data transmission that transmit data signals through LEDs and laser. Infrared is an electromagnetic energy whose wavelength is longer than red light. Information travel in infrared system without obstacles because it can be inhibited by light. There is a point to point system which transmit information between two points in limited range and transferring frequency rate is 100 GHz to 1,000 THz speed of 100Kbps to 16 Mbps. This is all about point to point method another one is broadcast system which amplifies the transmission unit and retransmit a data signal to several other receiving units at the frequency of 100 Ghz to 1,000 THz on the speed of 1 Mbps.