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IBM Rational Software Architect is a comprehensive design, modeling and development tool for end-to-end software delivery.

Rational Software Architect is a tool that enables software architects to model and design the architecture of their applications. The content that can be created within Rational Software Architect includes all kinds of UML diagrams. We provide help on Rational Software Architecture assignments for UML Diagrams

Rational Software Architect includes all features for automatic code generation starting from the models developed within the application. The content created in Rational Software Architect can be published to HTML and deployed to Web servers for distributed viewing. Rational Software Architect can also be connected to a number of other Rational Lifecycle process tools in order to be fully used in the software process. This tutorial is based on version 8.5.1 of RSA and explains the basic features to help get started with Rational Software Architect.

Rational Software Architect helps you maintain better control of architecture and delivery outcomes with these benefits

  • UML-based modeling support and model-driven development (MDD) tools help streamline the creation of Java and Web 2.0 applications and services.
  • Powerful tools and process guidance help reduce complexity and support higher quality and efficiency.
  • Access to cloud services enables you to take advantage of scalable infrastructure services.
  • A flexible, extensible platform helps you deliver high-quality software with faster return on investment (ROI).

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Rational Software Architect Assignment Help

Rational Software Architect includes the following capabilities:

  • Rational Software Architect can built on Eclipse version 3.4
  • Rational Software Architect supports UML
  • Supports model-to-code and code-to-model transformations.
  • Forward transformations go from:
    1. UML to Java
    2. UML to C#
    3. UML to C++
    4. UML to EJB
    5. UML to WSDL
    6. UML to XSD
    7. UML to CORBA Interface Description Language (IDL)
    8. UML to structured query language (SQL)-based logical data models as supported by IBM Rational Data Architect software.
  • Reverse transformations go from
    1. Java to UML
    2. C++ to UML.
    3. .NET to UML
  • Includes all of the capabilities of IBM Rational Application Developer
  • Enables model management for parallel development and architectural re-factoring, e.g., split, combine, compare and merge models and model fragments.
  • Provides visual construction tools to expedite software design and development

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