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Class Diagram and Object Diagram are same but the object diagram uses the object instant of classes. Object diagrams describe the static structure of a system at a particular time and they are used to test the accuracy of class diagram.

Basic Object Diagram Symbols and Notations :

Object Names: As with classes, you can list object attributes in a separate compartment. However, unlike classes, object attributes must have values assigned to them.

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Object Attributes: Use cases describe the relationship between the system and the actor during the execution of business processes.

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Active object: Objects that control action flow are called active objects. Illustrate these objects with a thicker border.

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Object Diagram Assignment Help

Multiplicity: We can represent multiple objects as one symbol if the attributes of the individual objects are not important.

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Links: Links are instances of associations. We can draw a link using the lines used in class diagrams.

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Self-linked: Objects that fulfill more than one role can be self-linked. For example, if Mark, an administrative assistant, also fulfilled the role of a marketing assistant, and the two positions are linked, Mark's instance of the two classes will be self-linked.

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