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It is a type of visual UML modeling and case tool with the help of teamwork. It is basically developed for business analyst, software analyst, programmers, quality analyst, and documentation developers. It have different types of development tools for object oriented programs such as MagicDraw java version which provides java bytecode java IDEs etc. For UML This tool supports class diagram, object diagram, use case diagram, statechart diagram Activity diagram etc.

Activity diagram: it represents procedural flow of controls inbetween class objects, and organizational process such any business workflow charts.

Tools of magicDraw:

It gives us some tools and wizards to help you show the design work in your project as fast as possible such as:

  • Reports: It will helpful for preparing HTML, PDF, or RTF type of documentations with whole description of model.
  • Class diagram Wizard: it will helpful in making and customizing of new class diagram.
  • Pakage Overview diagram wizard: create the pakage dependency diagram to your projects.
  • Analysis Tools: making diagram and documents of the relationship between UML classes models.
  • Content Diagram: It will helpful in creating content diagram which will used in project.
  • Implementation: develops defined operation and overload them.

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MagicDrwa Support some other integration such as :

  • Eclipse
  • RAD
  • CVS

Plugins of MagicDraw:

  • UPDM plugin: it supports all DoDAF 1.5 and MODAF 1.2 viewpoints.
  • SysMl plugin: It include system updates like system profile, templates, SysML diagrams and projects etc.
  • Cameo DataHub: It is a type of tool and it allow to user for import export and synchronization etc.
  • Cameo SOA+ plugin: It provides bunch of solution for developing optimal SOA architecture to architects and developers.
  • Plugin for Cameo Data plugin: It is helpful in ER modeling.
  • Cameo Business Moduler: helpful in supporting BPMN 2.0 profile for creating diagram etc.
  • Marge Plugin: it enable the merging of copying changes between projects.
  • Methodology Wizards plugin: It is helpful in automates modeling in methodology.
  • Plugin for CSV import: This is helpful in reading values of comma separated values file and develop model, diagrams and relation from data.
MagicDraw UML

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