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It is a module of python and use for generating UML diagram such as object diagram and class diagram from executing python program. It have few similarity with graphical debugger meaning it can generates a visualization of state of executing program, but not exactly like debugger means it tries to create high-level visualizations which is biddable with standard UML.

Here many other tools are present to create UML diagram of python language, but they worked on the basis of analysis of source code and program text. But Lumpy works at execution time and due to this it is able to find out more information about relationship between classes etc like HAS-A relation.


Any software developer can use Lumpy to find out the better structure of existing programs through making diagram of relationship between classes consists with libraries and python interpreters. For an example:

a = [7, 8, 9]

b = a

c = list (a)

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green box show frame of stack and declare variables, following program codes will generated form above picture.

#create a Lumpy object and capture reference state

Import Lumpy

Lumpy= Lumpy.Lumpy()


# run the test code

a = [7, 8, 9]

b = a

c = list(a)

# draw the current state(relative to the last reference)lumpy.object_diagram

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