Referencing Style Assignment Help With Journals And News Paper Articles

2) Journals And News-Paper Articles

Note that:-

i) While giving the reference of journals/newspaper, the volume number, issue number or any other identifier along with pages number are to be written where all the material belong to.

ii) If the journal contain both volume as well as an identifier such as month or quarter, select one of them and use it consistently.

iii) For journal with no volume number, the issue number or an identifier should follow the journal title.

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a) With 1 author:- The above mentioned rules are followed as it.

  • Culotta, E 2008, 'Hobbit skull suggests a separate species', Science Now, no. 677, p. 2.

b) With 2 or more author: - All the authors are listed in the reference.

  • Gibberd, R, Snow, PT, Rice, PG & Patel, NB 1991, 'Nuclear power at what price?', The Bulletin, vol. 113, June 4, pp. 51-5.
  • Jones, BE & Jones, SR 1987, 'Powerful questions', Journal of Power Engineering, vol. 1, no. 3, pp.10-8.

c) With no author: - Directly start with the journal title.

  • ATSIC News 2002, 'Aboriginal identity and the loss of certainty', vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 50-2.

d) Articles in newspaper : - Article title followed by the name of news paper and date with page number(s) are mentioned.

  • Popham, B 1987, 'Saving the future', Weekend Australian Magazine, 7-8 Feb., p. 10.

e)Newpaper articles with no author :-

  • All of the details are provided in the in-text citation and there is no need for an entry in the reference list.

f) Conference paper : - Name of the paper presenter followed by the title name is specified along with the place.

  • Trump, A 1986, 'Power play', Proceedings of the third annual conference, International Society of Power Engineers, Houston Texas, pp. 40-51.

g) Journal article on Web: - This is placed in the following order:

<year of author> ,<title of article>,<journal title ( in italics)>,<Volume>,<issue>,<day, month, year when the article was seen> ,<URL or complete address of the main page>

  • Griffith, AI 1995, 'Coordinating family and school: mothering for schooling', Education Policy Analysis Archives, vol. 3, no. 1, viewed 12 February 1997, <>.

h) Full text journal from an Electronic media: - The which should be followed:

<year of author> ,<title of article>,<journal title ( in italics)>,<Volume>,<issue>,<paging ,if given>,<day, month, year when the article was seen> ,<Database service name> , <database name, if given>, <Item no. ,if given>

  • Rasid, ZM & Parish, TS 1998, 'The effects of two types of relaxation training on students' levels of anxiety', Adolescence, vol. 33, no. 129, p. 99, viewed 23 September 2007, EBSCOhost MegaFILE Premier, Academic Search Premier, item: AN589758.
  • The Joanna Briggs Institute 2008, 'Management of constipation in older adults', Best Practice: Evidence Based Information Sheets for Health Professionals, vol. 12, no. 7, pp. 1-4, viewed 16 July 2008, JBI COnNECT, JBI Database of Best Practice Information Sheets, item: BP1138.

i) In case, No author for “ (h) “: - The same pattern is followed except for the author name is omitted.

  • Economist 2008, 'Charging ahead', vol. 387, no. 8594, p. 58, viewed 16 September 2008, EBSCOhost MegaFile Premier, Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre, item: 34003939.

j) Newspaper article on Web : - The pattern followed is:

<year of author>,<Title of article>, < title of Newspaper (in italics)>,<day, month & year of the newspaper>,<page number if known>,<day, month when article was seen>,<URL or address of the main page>

  • Cleary, P & Lewis, S 2001, 'It's the end of a long boom', The Australian Financial Review, 8 March, viewed 8 March 2001, <>.

k) Newspaper articles from an Electronic database : - The pattern followed is below.

<year of author> ,<title of article>,<Newspaper title ( in italics)>,< Day, month of the newspaper >,<day, month, year when the article was seen> ,<Database service name>, <database name, if given>, <Item no., if given>

  • Pianin, E 2001, 'As coal's fortunes climb, mountains tremble in W.Va; energy policy is transforming lives', The Washington Post, 25 February, p. A03, viewed 8 March 2001, Electric Library Australasia.

(Note: For newspaper articles with no author, the only difference is that the year of the author is not given)

  • Gold Coast Bulletin 2007, 'Democrats vow to fight Bush', 19 February, p. 12, viewed 16 September 2008, EBSCOhost MegaFILE Premier, Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre, item: 20070219B012313637.

l) For database :- Simply follow the rules:

<the title name>,<Name of producer>,<vendor name>,<frequency of updating>