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IETF Definition

IFTF stands for Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), this protocol is an open standards organization means there is no formal membership requirements to volunteer mangers and participants to see their employee work. This protocol develop and promote the Internet standards, particularly deals with TCP/IP standards and IP suite. It involves other different things also like protocols, communication devices and connectors. Accordingly meetings are arranged to discuss the future development in different projects and standards.

IETF History

IETF is one of the main internet standard organization in the world which encompasses network engineers, designers, developers and researchers to develop any standard and project. First official meeting was conducted on 1986 at San Diego which were discussing about work out short term engineering details for the internet. That meeting id continued till 2 days and there are 21 persons who attending meeting. That meeting moved to 4 times in a same year to discuss about more protocols and architecture became important. Now 3 meeting in a year are held which were discussing about 120 working groups and 1,000 people at each meeting.

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IETF Standards Process

Purpose of IETF process which is good at separating the running code and rough consensus. In IETF process of creating internet standard is straightforward which undergoes a specification of period of development and several iterations of review by the community and after that standards are published. But the some process are more complicated due to some reasons like: difficult to create specification of high quality, need to consider parties interests, Importance of widespread community, difficult to evaluate utility of particular specification. But there are some goals of the internet standard process are technical excellence, prior implementation and testing for protocol, clear, concise and easily understood documentation, openness and fairness of the protocols and timeliness.

Examples of IETF Protocols

  • Domain name Server(DNS)
  • Email(IMAP,POP and SMTP)
  • World Wide Web transport(HTTP)
  • Internet Protocol(IPV4 and IPV6)
  • Instant Messaging(XMPP)
  • Transmission Control Protocol(TCP)
  • Open Shortest Path First(OSPF)
  • Border Gateway Protocol(BGP)
  • Session Initiation Protocol(SIP)
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching(MPLS)