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HTML: It is known as Hyper Text Markup Language, and file consists with small markup tags. These tags are show web browser to that how to display them, it should be extended file with html and htm. HTML file is nothing more it is simple text editor. You can start writing program with simple notepad, notepad++ and then execute program with Internet browser. It also briefly explain about image formats like JPGE, PNG etc.

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CSS Stylesheet:

CSS is designing programming language, which work is defining HTML elements, and the file is call stylesheet. We can minimize our work by the using of external stylesheet and these are placed in CSS files. CSS means cascade stylesheets it means multiple style definitions are stored. Here is some value to displaying:

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  • Inline Style means inside HTML element.
  • Internal style sheet means inside the {"head"} tag.
  • External style sheet
  • Browser default style.

Syntax of CSS consists with three main parts, which is “selector”, “property”, and “value”

Body {bgcolor:lightblue}

P {font-family:”sans serif”}

P{text-align:center ; color:grey}


HTML-CSS-javascript Assignment Help

It is use to make html pages interactive by embedding with them. It works by putting dynamic text into a html page, it can also read/write html elements. Validating data could be done by javascript.

  • step1:HTML pages are stored by Web server
  • step2:Then request come from client browse
  • step3:HTML pages send by server to client and client is able to see html page

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