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To conduct a comprehensive study on any individual, studying of his group play a significant role. Though we have different goal, identity and mission, but at the same time we are also a part of many groups. Hence, group decision making Assignment Help experts have clarified that group study is done because all our activities are somehow effected or influenced by the members that forms a group.

Take an example: you are with your friends and you want to purchase a particular stuff. Now, you will ask every friend of your group about the choice you made and finally your thought, idea and decision will be influenced by your friend’s group. Therefore, our thought process, our emotions, our feeling and our actions are all affected by group, so social psychologist aim’s to study group in order to get to know about the thought process of any individual.

Making any decision in a group is quite tough because there are differences in views, opinions and suggestions. So, psychologist define group decision making as a participating process in which number of individuals work in coordination to evaluate the problem, look for the possible alternatives and then take the correct decision.

Therefore, Decision making technique is divided into different parts that includes: voting based method, consensus method, Dotmocracy and Delphi method.

Group Decision MakingVoting based method: It is also termed as winners and losers method where the maximum number of vote for any particular idea wins. Sometimes rather than the majority, the large mass takes the final decision.

Consensus method: In this method, ideas, information or strategy from all the member of group are taken into consideration. Decision is taken when every member of group agree for the proposal. If there are members in a group who dislike the idea or find problem with the laid strategy, their objection is carefully attended and any modification if possible is done.

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Dotmocracy: This method uses dotmocracy sheet to allow every members choose a single idea form list of opinions.

Delphi method: It is the well- structured method that is based on questionnaires that is send to the panel of expert.

Though a group decision serves as an important pillar for a solution, but psychologist have cleared that taking decision in a group doesn’t turn out to be fruitful sometimes. The reasons behind this are:

1. Polarization of group: The decision in a group is highly affected when group get polarized. Polarization in group means initially every member of group have their own decision, but after period of discussion, the view of individual in group is changed and he tend to shift his decision on the presented scheme. Hence, polarization of group means shifting to the extremes that can be either towards conservative part or towards risky portion.

2. Effect of common knowledge: When a discussion is carried in a group, generally those facts and ideas are given greater preference that are most common in a group. Hence, common knowledge can turn out to be unsuccessful when only one or two members are aware of some new plan or idea that can be a positive point for the project.

3. Group thinking: Though group ideas and values are for proper output, but sometimes group thinking can turn disastrous when all the members of a group comes to a conclusion that create loss for the company. At this point, though an individual in a group possess unique opinion, but he overshadows his idea for group decision that may in turn harm the overall progress.

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