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Environmental History refers to the study of human interaction with the nature, the connection between them. Unlike any other discipline of history, this field deals with not only the past but also the present active role of nature in the everyday human affairs. It studies and deals with how human beings shape the natural world and how does the natural world affect the lives of human beings. This field emerged in the USA as a result of the Environmental Movement during the 1960s and 1970s. Initially the field was founded due to conservation issues, but gradually it has expanded its horizon and begins to deal with more general social and environmental history and sustainable development issues. Since it's a global concern, everyone must be aware of it. Many schools, colleges offer several courses on it for which students have to submit assignments. Assignmenthelp.net offers online help with the assignment on Environmental History.

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Biodiversity HotspotsRoderick Nash published 'Wilderness and the American Mind', in 1967 which can be considered as the classic text of early environmental history. The 1959 book, 'Conservation and the Gospel of Efficiency: The Progressive Conservation Movement, 1890-1920' is also considered to be one of the pioneering documents in this field. Environmental history expands the horizon of conventional field of history. It can be treated as a sub field of history with the minor yet significant difference that while history deals with people and their civilization, institution, environmental history deals with both human beings and the nature, their connection and relationship. It evaluates and analyses the changes caused by the Neolithic revolution, colonialism, imperialism, agricultural change, industrial and technological revolution, deforestation and so on. The subject matter can be divided into three main categories: firstly, the nature and the changes, physical impacts of human beings on earths land, water, atmosphere and biosphere. Secondly, how the human world uses nature, causes and effects of pollution. Thirdly, the attitude, beliefs, values towards the nature. It also can be considered as an interdisciplinary stream. The other related issues are that of geography, science and technology, ecology, forest history, archaeology, Anthropology. In 1975 the American Society for Environmental History was founded in USA and in Europe it was founded in 1991. Since environment has become a global concern these days, mostly every school or colleges offer a mandatory course on the introduction to environmental history.

Assignments are very important for any kind of course work. During the course on environmental history, students can be asked to submit several assignments on this topic. No matter how much interesting this subject is, the assignments can be quite difficult. Students have to do an enormous amount of research work, sometimes they may have to go for field work in order to collect several samples. Besides this the deadlines are needed to be maintained too. Since it's a serious matter, students should seek online help. Assignmenthelp.net offers its online help with the assignments on the Environmental History, especially with the Environmental History of USA assignments. Since the assignments will be written by expert tutors those will be well written, well researched and plagiarism free.