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Developmental cognitive neuroscience is an interdisciplinary scientific field at the boundaries of neuroscience, psychology, social neuroscience, developmental science, and cognitive science. Developmental cognitive neuroscience is connected to related fields such as cognitive development, but retains distinctive qualities compared to other fields. Unlike psychopathology, developmental cognitive neuroscience pays more attention to normal brain development and cognitive functioning. However, studying atypical cognitive processes can provide insight into normal cognitive functioning. Developmental cognitive neuroscience can add to already established theories such as Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and Lev Vygotsky’s social cognitive theories, but in a unique way that bridges the relationship between cognitive and neural processes. Developmental cognitive neuroscience studies brain development and cognition from the prenatal brain to the adult brain. More recently, developmental cognitive neuroscience is interested in the role of genes in development and cognition. Thus, developmental cognitive neuroscience may shed light on nature versus nurture debates as well as constructivism and neuroconstructivism theories. Developmental cognitive neuroscience can be a science that often provides subtle data that blends together several developmental and cognitive theories.
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