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Carolingian CivilizationCarolingian or the Carlovingians or Carolings was referred to as a Frankish family with the origins in the Arnulfing and Pippinid clans of the 7th century AD. The name 'Carolingian', has been originated from Medieval Latin 'Karolingi', an altered form of Old High German word, 'Karling' meaning 'descendent of Charles'. The name was originated from the Latinism name of Charles Martel. By 751, a Crolingian Pepin the Short was crowned king of the Franks. The family became most powerful during the late 8th century which made their offices of 'mayor of the palace' and 'dux et princeps Francorum' hereditary. Eventually they became the 'de facto' ruler of the Franks holding the real power behind the throne. The dynasty reached its peak with Charlemagne who became the first emperor in the West in three centuries. His death in 814 however marked the inevitable end of the era and fragmentation, decline. Carolingian dynasty is an important period in the history, especially due to its enormous influence over the Renaissance era. In schools, colleges, students, especially the history students may have to write assignments in this topic. is willing enough to provide its online Assignment Help service on Carolingian civilization.

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Charlemagne was the greatest emperor within the Carolingian dynasty. He was crowned by Pope Leo III at Rome in 800. They used to make their sons minor kings in various regions so that they could inherit those regions after the death of their fathers. The Carolingians were different from the Merovingian’s since they didn't allow inheritance to illegitimate offspring’s, perhaps to prevent fighting among the possible heirs. During the late 9th century, lack of suitable heir among them, initiated the rise of Arnulf of Corinth, a bustard of a legitimate Carolingian king. The emperor became extinct with the death of Eudes, Count of Vermandois. The last Carolingian was his sister Adelaide who died in 1122. The Carolingians are known for their magnificent contribution to art, music, architecture and so on. The Carolingian Renaissance is considered to be the first of the three Medieval Renaissances. It was a period of superior cultural activity, taking place from the late 8th century to the 9th century. This period witnessed an increase in literary, art, architectural works and so on. This took place during the reigns of King Charlemagne, Louis the Pious and so on. The effects of this cultural and social revival were mostly limited to a small group named 'Literati' which had an enormous effect on education, culture as well as society in Francia. The first 'italic' script had been developed from the Carolingian minuscule and the secular leaders of the dynasty applied rational ideas for the first time which provided a common language and unique writing style.

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