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Modern period is the period where we are living and therefore it is of utmost importance to know about this era properly. In order to know about something we must know about its history and modern history is clearly the way to know about the modern era. Modern history referred to the historiographical approach to the time period after the post-classical time period. It can be divided into mainly two parts: early modern period and late modern period. The beginning of the modern era can be marked from roughly 16th century. This is a historical approach to gather knowledge about the historical encounters that took place, demographic changes and the migrations, religious movements and industrial revolution, social and political changes which affected the cultures and so on. History itself is quite an interesting subject but at the same time it's a rigorous work too. Almost in every schools, colleges, it's one of the main subjects on which students have to submit assignments. Therefore they should seek online help. Assignmenthelp.net is ready to offer its online Assignment Help and essay service on Global History of Modern Times.

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A Global History of Modern TimeThe concept of modernity is quite complex and problematic. One of the genuine problems of studying modern history is that this history has been documented up to the present day, which makes it vast in size. The main two division was pre modern and modern era. During the pre-modern era, mostly people's self and aim was expressed through faith, faith in some form of deity or in God. Through the spiritual masters the common people used to connect with their Gods. During the modern period, Western world and civilization made a gradual transformation from pre-modern era towards the modern era. The magnificent development of the science and technology somewhat destroyed the veil of mystery from the pre-modern era. The very term 'modern' was coined. Before 1585. The early European Renaissance has been marked as an important transition period between the late middle Ages and early Modern days. The term 'early modern' was introduced in the English language during the 1930s. This period witnessed enormous development in the fields of science, politics, warfare, technology, literature, culture and so on. This era is also associated with several important issues like individualism, capitalism, urbanization and so on. The important events of pre -modern era were the English civil war, American Revolution and French revolution. The important events of the late modern era were the revolution of 1848, Russian revolution and the World wars.

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