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Global history is one of the broad subjects that tell about all the past events and the changes that have created the human understanding.

This field focuses on the changes like the technology, economic advancement, development of better lifestyle and many more. Hence anything that is involved to bring changes and structure human knowledge is covered by this field.

The changes and development includes science and technology. At present, We have most of the facilities available by our side. Communicating distant people, travelling distant place, household chores without much of effort, gaining information that is going around the world, exploring nature, tools for identification and treatment of several diseases etc. have all been possible because of development in science and technology. Likewise, improvisation in farming, raising livestock, economic market and the lifestyle is possible due to the contribution of human efforts and their sharp mind. The social customs from birth to death, struggle for food, migration, the development of nation and the world, change of war to peace etc. The comparative studies of all such changes that have direct or indirect influence on lifestyle of person are dealt under Global history. Hence, the change in human thinking and perception is well covered in this field of study, so as to encourage every upcoming generation to perform even the better work.

Global history is an interesting field and most of the students love gaining knowledge on it. Having an interest in the subject does not mean students are also ready to perform the lengthy task that is given to them. Most of the students generally detest working on assignments, homework’s, project or essay. The reason can be the length of task, extended time, and most importantly the information that need to be gathered.

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