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Video Codec In Matlab

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Video Codec In Matlab

The video sample that was used to determine the video codec’s performance was foreman_qcif.y. It had the following attributes:

Resolution: 176X144 pixel, Number of Frames: 400, Total File Size: (176X144X400) bytes = 10,137,600 bytes Frame Rate: 30 fps

Video Bit rate was calculated using the following formula:

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[PSNR] = main(sequence, d_sequence, bitfile, quality, frame, blkx, blky, searchrange, height, width)

sequence: input file (i.e. foreman_qcif.y)

d_sequence: output file (i.e. decoded_ foreman_qcif.y)

bitfile: this argument is a string that is used in naming the output bit files. For example, by inputting 'example_1', the encoded frame bitfiles will be named 'example_1.bit'. Note: avoid putting '.bit' at the end of this string since it is appended for you in the application. is a platform for getting simple projects on matlab online help. Here you can find simple matlab project or projects Matlab Codes who provide projects in matlab with code, project on 3d using matlab, matlab codes for all projects, matlab code for GUI projects and matlab code for assignment problem.

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