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Design of the matched filter for RADAR application

RADAR which stands for RAdio Detection And Ranging, is a means of detecting the size, location and velocity of distant objects using microwave signals. In simple object detection, a short duration sinusoidal pulse (ie: a Radio Frequency burst) is transmitted in the direction of interest. If the transmitted radio signal has a carrier wavelength comparable to the size of the object, part of the energy the signal energy is reflected by the object and returns to the transmitter. The return signal takes the same pulse shape as the transmitted signal and but undergoes amplitude and frequency distortion as well as suffer from the effects of Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN). At the receiver, matched filters are typically employed to detect the presence of the known signal within an unknown (ie: noise corrupted) reflected received signal.

In this assignment you will be implementing a matched filter in MATLAB to detect the target return signal. Of interest, is the distance of objects away from the transmitter. More intricate issues of RADAR systems such as Range Resolution, pulse shape and received SNR will be discussed.

Initially we will assume that there is no noise added by the channel. We will consider the effect of noise in Section 2.5

Design of the RF Transmit pulse and the Matched Filter for Detection

In a particular scenario, a sinusoidal pulse with frequency f = 1MHz of 30's duration was transmitted.

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Plot the sinusoidal pulse s(t) described (using exactly 1000 data points).

Write down an expression for h(t), the impulse response for the matched filter to detect s(t) in terms of s(t).

Plot this impulse response h(t) in MATLAB (using exactly 1000 data points)

Draw the block diagram of the matched filter receiver

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