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Two Port Networks

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Two Port Network

A two-port network is an electrical circuit or device with two pairs of terminals to connect to the external circuits. The two terminals constitute a port if the current applied to them satisfy the port condition, which is very essential: the electric current entering one terminal must equal the current emerging from the other terminal on the same port. In a two port network, port 1 is considered input port and port 2 is considered as the output port. The ports are the points where signals are applied or outputs are taken, the two port network has interfaces where the network connects to other networks.

 Two port network

fig (1) : Two port network

In two-port mathematical model, the network is described by a 2 by 2 square matrix of complex numbers. The common models that are used are referred to as g-parameters, z-parameters, y-parameters, ABCD-parameters and h-parameters. All of them are limited to linear networks since underlying assumption of their derivation is that that any given circuit condition is a linear superposition of various open circuit and short-circuit conditions. They are expressed in matrix notation and they establish relations between the variables: voltage across port 1-V1, current into port 1-I1, voltage across port 2-V2, current into port 2-I2.

Two Port Network Example

The Z-parameter of the two port circuit (shown in figure below) is calculated below:

 Two port network

 Two port network

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