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Transmitter Side

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Transmitted Signal

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Transmitter Block Diagram

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Detailed diagram of Transmitter Block Diagram using waveform generator circuit, power amplifier, filtering circuit, digital circuit and Tx antenna.

Transmitter side components description:

Power Amplifier: Here used is low noise amplifier of 2 db. Its gain is 10.2. It dissipates very less power with operation. So it was selected to use.

Filtering circuit: Band Pass Filter around 30 MHz frequency is being employed. Its gain is medium of 7.2 and signal to noise ratio is also very low 2.1 db

Digital Circuit: is a DSP circuit which generates sharp pulse modulated pulses at regular interval for the system.

Transmitter antenna: The characteristics of transmitting antenna is, it is a parabolic antenna. It works on E-pulse technique. It is fixed. Gain is very high of 42.1. S?N ratio is mere less of 5.4 db.

Design Challenge:

a) Higher resolution and accuracy

b) Greater reach and interference

c) More complicated system/circuit/module

d) Interaction between baseband/RF/MW, System/circuit/EM field, Digital/Analog

Tools for subsystem level design

Simulate Arbitrary 3D Structure, Get Radiation, SParameters,EM filed For simulation of Antenna, RCS, Passive components/devices, EMI/EMC

Full Wave PCB SI/PI/EMC simulate and design

Switch power design

Radar signal generator

Chirp signal generator LFM signal D=50 10%

construction by components

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Radar Signal waveform generator diagram

Transmitter subsystem working analysis

a) Structure contains : Filter, BB-AMP, mixer, IF-AMP, RF/MW- PA

b) Characteristics for TX-subsystem : Frequency band, Gain, P1dB , NF , Group delay, ripple, etc

transmitter side

The above diagram shows the gain characteristics at the transmitter side

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Gain Vs Frequency Gain Vs Power

Above diagram shows working of Transmitter side Gain variation with Frequency and power at the sub-system level.

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