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To construct shift registers using D-type and J-K Flip-flops and to investigate their properties.

To investigate the properties of the 74194 universal shift register.

Simulation Work

Serial Load Shift Register using D-type Flip-Flops.

  1. shift registers digital lab helpEnter the following circuit (Fig. 1) into Electronics Workbench, adding any necessary components to enable the flip-flops to be:

clocked high and low


input ‘0’ and ‘1’ data

observe the Q outputs on LEDs

  1. Clear the registers by momentarily taking the clear input low.
  2. Set the clock to logic ‘0’ and

the Data input to logic ‘1’. Set the clock to logic ‘1’ and note the state of the Q outputs.

  1. Return the Data input to logic ‘0’ and repeatedly take the clock high and low, noting the state of the outputs for each clock pulse. Complete the following table and explain what is happening in the circuit.
Clock PulseDataQAQBQC QD

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