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Seven Bit ASCII Character Detection Using Matlab Implemented Matched Filters Assignment Answers

You are now ready to tackle the main task.  You are required to detect Assignment Matlab Code, based on the noisy received signal which will be provided to you, the 7bit ASCII character that has been transmitted over a noisy channel.  We have selected a 7 bit ASCII character and represented the ASCII bits by binary pulse symbols s1(t) and s2(t). The data has gone through an Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) channel. 

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Each student will  be provided with a received signal corresponding to this transmission of a 7 bit ASCII character in baseband, with binary symbols represented by waveforms s1(t) and s2(t) as explained above. (ie: s1(t) is shown in Fig 1a and  s2(t) is the inverted waveform shown in Fig 1b).

Your task is to implement an optimum receiver (ie: a matched filter) using Matlab to detect the data from the noisy channel and recover the original ASCII character that was transmitted

Each student will be given a different received signal based on their Assignment number. Each student is allocated a different Assignment number given in AssignmentNumber.xls.

To load your signal from the assignment number in the particular row allocated to you, use the following code:

load ASCIIDetection.mat

mysignal = ASCIIDetection(n,:);

Plot the signal provided to you, (before you apply it to your optimum matched filter receiver).  ie: plot the noisy waveform (corresponding to the baseband modulated ASCII character transmitted over the AWGN channel provided to you).

Draw a block diagram for the optimum (matched filter) receiver for detection the binary data as a correlation receiver.

Write Matlab code for your optimum (matched filter) receiver

Filter the received noisy signal using your optimum receiver filter and plot the output of the optimum receiver filter.

Determine the ASCII character that was transmitted.

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