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* Optical fibres only sensible solution for high data rate systems.

* matlab the expression a 1r can be written as an infinite series.

* Every link is bidirectional, ability to support high availability in case of link failure.

* test for divisibility for number less than 10 by matlab program.

* Distance Vector Algorithm helps in ensuring the high availability in case of node failure.

* Total network cost is 11,742.82$.

* find geometric distribution yxp=p*q^x1x=12 in matlab.

* matlab physics 2 bodies collision.

* Round Trip delay is less than 10ms.

* find geometric distribution y x p p*q5ex1 x 1 2 in matlab.

* Costs depend heavily on the dig cost (average ~$100/m) -- choosing the terrain can help.

* matlab The expression a 1r can be written as an infinite series.

* Small change in configuration could lead to major changes in costs of fibre links.

* All links are of same type.

* In costing of the network cost of routers, cards, links, fibres and other equipments has been included.

* cumulative distribution function CDF double exponential laplacian in matlab.

* WDM technology is being employed with the single fiber.

* acoustic simple harmonic motion equations damp matlab.

* bubble point calculations using raoult's law matlab programs.

* matlab correlation coefficient x1x2x3

* motion of body with velocity having direction with time in matlab.

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